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The trucking and logistics sector has many great opportunities for a variety of rewarding careers. Depending on your skills and interests, you may be working in the maintenance department; the warehouse and yard; in an office environment managing transportation operations; or on the road as a driver. Check out these Career Profiles to learn which of the many occupations that the trucking and logistics sector has to offer would suit you best!

Select a Route

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Commercial Vehicle Operator

Do you love driving the open road, seeing the sights and making money, all at the same time? Have you ever imagined yourself behind the wheel of ‘big rig’? Do you like variety and fast-paced work assignments? If so, driving might be the right fit for you! The trucking industry has many opportunities for Drivers.

Your Route to a Driving Career

A Commercial Driver’s License opens up your possibilities as a driver.

To obtain their License, new commercial drivers participate in a mandatory training program to ensure that they have the basic skills and experience to safely operate large commercial vehicles on the road.

Starting Point

  • Commercial Driver’s License
  • Class A/1 Driver

You can choose your route! Want to be home every night – try local pick up; Interested in exploring the open road a little at a time – try short haul; want to see the world from behind the wheel on longer trips – try Long Haul!


  • Local Pick Up and Delivery Driver
  • Short-Haul Driver
  • Long-Haul Driver

Take your driving to the next level with additional training/certification and experience. You can carry unique loads – like bulk liquid, livestock, and dangerous goods; drive specialized equipment, like flat bed trailers, long-combination vehicles, and car carriers; and travel across interesting terrain, like mountain passes and international borders.


  • Bulk Liquid Driver
  • Flat-Bed Driver
  • Long-Combination Vehicle (LCV Driver)
  • Dangerous Goods Driver

If you have a passion for driving and the open road, but have always dreamed of owning your own business and being your own boss, you can become an Owner-Operator.


  • Owner-Operator

If you want to share your experience with others and use your safe driving record and knowledge to guide future drivers, you can become a Driver Trainer or a Driver Supervisor.


  • Driver Trainer
  • Driver Supervisor

If you want to keep transportation companies moving smoothly and accurately and manage costs to maximize profits, you can consider a job as a Fleet Manager.


  • Fleet Manager

Transportation Maintenance

Do you have an interest in mechanics and love working with your hands? Do you want to take apart equipment and rebuild it better than ever? Do you like working on, and with, sophisticated and innovative engines, equipment and machinery? If so, the Maintenance Department may be right for you! The trucking industry has many opportunities for Skilled Maintenance Personnel.

Your Route to a Transportation Maintenance Career

Vocational Training

Starting Point – Vocational Training. Depending on your occupation and province, this may include a trade certification or license. Transportation Maintenance is comprised of Parts and Inventory Management, Equipment Maintenance and Truck/Tractor Maintenance.


If you want to help ensure that Heavy Duty Equipment Technicians have the right parts for the right equipment at the right time, parts and inventory management may be a career path for you!


  • Parts Technician
  • Inventory Manager
  • Parts Department Manager


The equipment is just as important as the truck/tractor! If you are interested in servicing and maintaining equipment like trailers, tires and wheels, and reefers, equipment maintenance may be your best fit!


  • Trailer Technician
  • Transport Refrigeration Technician
  • Tire and Wheel Specialist


Trucks and Tractors are the power behind the load, and must be well-maintained and in safe-working order before they ‘hit the road.’ If you have a passion for engines, truck and tractor maintenance may be right for you.


  • Autobody Repair Technician
  • Heavy Duty Equipment Technician

Management/ Supervisory

After you have gained valuable experience, you may choose to become a manager or supervisor to have more control and direction over your company’s maintenance department. You will combine your technical knowledge with leadership and management skills to be able to direct and guide employees.


  • Shop Supervisor
  • Maintenance Supervisor

Transportation Operations

Do you want to play a key role in ensuring that all aspects of the business – like driving, maintenance, safety, sales and finance – are working smoothly and efficiently? Do you like the idea of teamwork, collaboration and innovation? If so, a career in Transportation Operations may be right for you. The trucking industry has many opportunities for Transportation Operations Personnel. Here is just a small sampling of the career options in the transportation industry.

Your Route to a Career in Transportation Operations

Human Resources

The Human Resources department is important for the hiring, administration, management and training of personnel. One of the most common and important HR roles in transportation is the Dispatcher. A dispatcher plays a key role in managing communication with drivers and providing them with the support that they need while on the road. Many Dispatchers start off as Professional Drivers and even Warehouse and Yard Personnel.


  • HR Manager
  • Dispatcher
  • Personnel Clerk
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Safety and Compliance Specialist

Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) plays a very important role in the transportation industry as more companies use technology for various functions like driver communication, route planning, load planning, finance and more. More IT professionals will be needed to support the development and maintenance of various IT systems as the industry becomes more digital.


  • IT Specialist
  • Database Administrator
  • Systems Analyst
  • Network Administrator


The finance department ensures that the company turns a profit! If you like working with numbers, budgets and finances, a career in the finance department may be the right fit for you!


  • Accountant/Bookkeeper
  • Payroll Clerk
  • Pricing Analyst
  • Sales and Fuel Tax Administrator
  • Rate Clerk


Logistics involves coordinating many moving parts at the same time, like people, facilities and inventory. Personnel in the logistics department work behind the scenes to make sure that all of the moving parts of the transportation of goods are working together, not against each other.


  • Freight Claims Specialist
  • Route Planner
  • Transportation Manager

Warehouse and Yard Operations

Do you like working in a fast-paced environment, coordinating orders and shipments, and handling freight? Do you enjoy playing a part in ensuring that the right goods get to the right customers at the right time? If so, a career in Warehouse and Yard Operations may be the right place for you! The trucking industry has many opportunities for Warehouse and Yard Personnel.

Your Route to a Career and Warehouse and Yard Operations

Starting Point – Warehouse/Dock Worker. Being a Warehouse Worker provides you with a great introduction to the transportation industry and can serve as a starting point for your career. Many Drivers start out in the industry as Warehouse Workers!


  • Warehouse/Dock Worker

Licensed Shunt Drivers are responsible for moving, or ‘shunting,’ empty and loaded trailers from the loading docks to and from the yard.


  • Licensed Shunt Driver

If you want to play a role in managing employees and guiding your company’s warehouse and yard operations, a career as a Dock Supervisor may be right for you.


  • Dock Supervisor

If you have a passion for warehouse operations and enjoy sales, personnel management, budgeting, scheduling, staffing and inventory management, Terminal Manager may the position of your dreams.


  • Terminal Manager

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